TYPE: builtin
DESC: provides stream overlays for viewer events (follow, host, subscribe, moderated, ‘other’). other plugins that require overlay functionality use bpalert.
SERVICES: telemetry, overlay
TUTORIAL VIDEO: bpalert setup tutorial


The first step in enabling overlays is adding a new “Browser Source” to OBS. Assuming a default install, the URL would be “http://localhost:8080/overlay.html”.  Set the WIDTH and HEIGHT to match your Video Source settings (usually your desktop resolution). NOTE: Don’t use the “scaled” resolution.  To insure the overlay refreshes properly when you switch scenes, enable “Unload when hidden” and “Refresh when switching scenes”.  NOTE: This suggestion may change over time to improve the performance and reliability of the overlay feature. Lastly insure the overlay is topmost in your scene’s sources.

To test your setup, navigate to the Botpourri Web UI, then “PLUGINS -> Alerts”.  Enable the plugin if it is not already so. Click the ‘lighting bolt’ icon next to the “test” alert to confirm alerts are being sent to the overlay.  You should see the test alert message appear in your OBS preview window.