NOTE:  version will be out November or December 2019.  v112 is “old” so i don’t advocate anyone using it. but since i made all these pages automated for new version. i am not changing them. Thank you!

Botpourri version  is now available!

After over a year and approximately 1000 hours of development, Botpourri was released Dec 4, 2017.  Botpourri (pronounced Boh – pu – ree) runs on your local computer. All the data is stored on your machine. There is no cloud. Its mandate is to connect everything to everything and let you own your own data.

Grab the latest version now: Botpourri Windows Installer

For details about this, and previous releases, check the Changelist blog

  • 1st: Please give feedback.  (join us on DISCORD)
    • How did you manage on first install?
    • What did your instincts lead you to click?
    • What came intuitively and what were you expecting that was missing? (and don’t say documentation)
    • What would like to see improved?
  • 2nd: please Enable auto update. (Admin -> Setup : General Setup . Enable Auto Update).
    • Since I cannot automate around the user access control prompt which asks if you want to install something. The bot will check for updates, download them and a message “New Update Available” will be visible at the top of the dashboard.
  • 3rd: Thank you for using it (if you do).
    • This is purely a labour of love. I have a ton of fixes and improvements to make and a ton of new ideas. This is just getting started!