a TON of fixes.. more to come .. all these comments are from my code submissions since last update.

– further work on autoscanning options.json files for customEvents
– fix speech OnchannelFollow
– fixing mixer plugin
– refactor bppoll
– fix installer to support updates to user custom install location
– switch bpcmds listing to using jqgrid
– add local media import to bpmusic
– request, display, select and pass back selected import Media functionality (thank you SOOOO much Guy Ross)
– fixing local music import and playback support (pause/stop/resume/skip fmod sfx TBImpl
– fix a rechat buffer typo
– only send telemetry during version update check
– bpcmds fix permissions/selected viewer only logic
– bpgracenote add support for artist + album searchs with up to 20 results
– fixing bpgracenote if album is searched, insure only songs are returned and not album tag at end, or merge them somehow
– bpmusic send gracenote media query if local media is missing gnid
– fix bptimers not triggering
– TEMP disable twitch updateChannelInfo WIP
– add GNID, refresh WIP, localpath to bpmusic song form.
– fix dashboard resizing issue
– cleanup bpmusic pause/play logic a little. add TODOs for fmod pause/play/stop
– bpbeam plugin. authentication is working. still some glitches. chat from owner is filtered which is wrong. msgids are logged to prevent loopbacks
– bpmixer states fixed (no error scenarios tested)
– bpmixer bidirectional chat working (WIP – sent msgs still doubling)
– bpmusic added no auto pause on loss of UI (for local media)
– themed bpmusic import
– import still WIP
– bpbeam working (wip..if the refresh token expires, you have to reauthorize the bot… need a solution to that)
– whispers display in a different colour and font style in bpchat
– fix alert collapsible issue
– fix discord channel id bug
– fix chat bridging issue in youtube and beam
– fix mixer authentication. it’s working properly now