– fix bpbeam (AKA Mixer) chat still discos alarmingly often but token renewal is working.
– add set/get !title & !playing token cmds
– refactor dashboard widget query
– add bpviewer:tojson
– got bpviewers working properly (still need to preserve size+pos)
– fix ajax form submissions for poll and admin
– add bpcmds_token which allows one to add/edit/delete script tokens
– fix bpobs crash if gateway closes unexpectedly
– add support for script token as img in alerts
– add songs to playlist working
– fly in text .. WIP
– text anim isn’t getting set in alerts
– finish switching all forms over to ajax and changed text on submit button ti checkmark (not sure if i like it) TODO: TEST EVERYTHING
– new networking code. moved ip/hostname resolution to netmgr threads. maybe has caused some issues. not sure
– add obs plugin
– refactor bpbeam ws reply handling code
– add if(pCfg && pCfg->ViewerId) condition to most script cmds (possibly too many..need to review)
– fix ‘get script’ bug in bpcmds
– fix missing /update url in admin->control->check for update
– convert alert, beam, change, chat, cmds, csgo, discord, gracenote and greet to AJAX form posts
– shorten all the ‘collapsible’ tags to just ‘c_”
– fixed youtube/local playback issues (play pause sometimes gets confused but it works otherwise)
– fix erroneous triggering of all registered token cmds when enumerating them for the bpcmds’s token-help table
– add pastebin icon