– WIP paypal IPN functionality added.. lots to do
– add ssl/https support (WIP need to automate or assist cert generation/installation/configuration)
– add nat traversal (WIP as it failed testing due to my network setup)
– change log time stamps to datetimes (WIP)
– tidy up local music playback
– add speech single word/phrase matching to dictated text
– twitch (WIP) add initial bootup grab of all channel follows
– get viewer editor form working via ajax
– add bouncey text effect to alerts
– fix clgtime to always use systemtime internally and only convert as required
– add bpmusic_playlist script cmd (outputs current playlist to pastebin, 10 min expiry)
– add song duration to bpmusic (WIP)
– fix bpgreet
– fix substring to treat endpos == invalid as a synonm for ‘end of string’
– refactor bpgreet model to be tidy
– add !link to all stream services (including the ever unfinished twitter)
– add ability to sort plugins in a subsection using ‘order’ field in the definition.json file
– order stream/chat services at the tail of the plugin list
– adding horizontal permissions to bpcmds
– start adding horizontal permissions to mod
– music: refactor music player cmds into function callback map
– pastebin: add a basic throttle to prevent creating pastes too quickly
– overlay: add multiline support
– overlay: disable deadbeef
– fix erroneous triggering of all registered token cmds when enumerating them for the bpcmds’s token-help table
– add pastebin icon
– fixed youtube/local playback issues (play pause sometimes gets confused but it works otherwise)