– fix draggable handle. restrict to ‘widget header’ MUCH better
– add $(bpcmds_commands) which publishes a user’s available command list to pastebin for 24 hours and caches the url in the app (WIP: is forgotton on restart)
– add bp_plugin_ctrl param field
– add bp_plugin_ctrl ::tty to bpspeech to enable/disable tty
– set beam and csgo to be activated for new installs
– massive fix to config::GetString. return by const reference! woo!
– massive fix to ctscript. only copy user supplied parameter IF IT IS SET so that default values are used otherwise
– add bpmusic_songinfo (previous|current|next) script cmd
– fix fmod volume at activateSystem
– fix bpmusic only overwrite local tags from gracenote if title & artist match