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TYPE: builtin DESC: connects Botpourri to Steam. Plugin enables the auto-setting of your stream game “ie playing” based on what you launch from the steam launcher. SERVICES: current game TUTORIAL VIDEO: bpsteam setup tutorial


TYPE: builtin DESC: connects Botpourri to Twitter’s streaming service Periscope for sending and receiving message, and tracking Hearts. Users can also link their Periscope ID to your bot enabling the bployalty plugin to reward them for certain actions (eg: posting, hearts, etc) See bployalty for…


TYPE: builtin DESC: look up lyrics for songs SERVICES: telemetry, web search TUTORIAL VIDEO: bplyrics setup tutorial


TYPE: builtin DESC: controller for “Phillips HUE” brand smart lighting SERVICES: telemetry, device control TUTORIAL VIDEO: bphue setup tutorial


TYPE: builtin DESC: stream overlay provider which manages arbitrary remote URL images for display over a stream SERVICES: telemetry, overlay TUTORIAL VIDEO: bpsplatter setup tutorial


TYPE: builtin DESC: stream overlay provider using CS:GO’s game state delivery mechanism to respond to instantaneous in-game events on screen. SERVICES: telemetry, overlay TUTORIAL VIDEO: bpcsgo setup tutorial


TYPE: builtin DESC: forwards chat to and from the dashboard chat widget SERVICES: telemetry, chat, widget TUTORIAL VIDEO: bpchat setup tutorial


TYPE: builtin DESC: provides configuration of chance-related transactions. a ‘proposition’ is created with a set of ‘outcomes’. viewers may place ‘wagers’ towards the outcome they believe will occur. SERVICES: telemetry, chat, viewer account debit/credit integration TUTORIAL VIDEO: bpchance setup tutorial


TYPE: builtin DESC: connects Botpourri to gracenote music database. provides song meta data lookup for the bpmusic plugin. SERVICES: song_title search TUTORIAL VIDEO: bpgracenote setup tutorial


TYPE: builtin DESC: content management of sound and image files used by other plugins SERVICES: telemetry, asset storage TUTORIAL VIDEO: bpmedia setup tutorial