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TYPE: builtin DESC: connects Botpourri to Steam. Plugin enables the auto-setting of your stream game “ie playing” based on what you launch from the steam launcher. SERVICES: current game TUTORIAL VIDEO: bpsteam setup tutorial


TYPE: builtin DESC: connects Botpourri to Twitter’s streaming service Periscope for sending and receiving message, and tracking Hearts. Users can also link their Periscope ID to your bot enabling the bployalty plugin to reward them for certain actions (eg: posting, hearts, etc) See bployalty for…

Development has resumed!

It’s true.  Sass has resumed work on botpourri. Effort to feature complete all built-in plugins is underway.  Projects like this one aren’t allowed to die.  heheh 🙂


under development


mostly out of date. do not use. new version coming soon


Custom plugins capable of talking to game-specific APIs allow the bot to respond to all manner of game-generated events. BPCSGO integrates Counter Strike – Global Offensive.


Botpourri collects a ton of data on your viewers. every join, part and chat. It also tracks your online/offline status for each of the streaming services you use. Look at detailed reports about your and your users behaviours and possibly see how you…


botpourri supports the dynamic runtime hot loading, unloading and updating of 3rd party plugins. Developers will publish their plugins to our open marketplace. you browse the selection and install the ones you want. An installed plugin is not automatically loaded. you must use…


Botpourri stores all of its data locally (ie on your own computer) in an SQLite database file. None of your information is broadcast or shared with us or anyone else. Nothing is stored in the “cloud”.  Your data is YOUR data.  IF and…


TYPE: builtin DESC: look up lyrics for songs SERVICES: telemetry, web search TUTORIAL VIDEO: bplyrics setup tutorial