Origin story of Botpourri

Once upon a time…A wonderful stream by the handle ‘Light And Magic‘ Light and magic avatar said “I want a bot that does neat things”.  Along came a programmer named ‘Sassafras_wot‘ sassafras profilepicture who replied “I can make that! Sounds like fun!”. And so began their adventure!

Light believes that software should be able to do amazing things. Light has amazing ideas but not enough time or energy to implement them. Sass believes people should own their data. Sass (with a hint of establishment disruptiveness) also believes in community and thinks people should have free access to the tools that make community possible (ergo Botpourri is freeware).

The combination of these two people is Botpourri. A rediculously OP derp gunned streaming bot that should mix things up a bit (we hope).